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Vitamin Therapy

IV hydration has endless benefits. Choose from one of the following blends to promote immune system boosting, recover and rehydrate, or enjoy the rejuvenating and replenishing benefits of NAD+.

No time for an IV? No problem! Pop by for a quick IM injection of any of our vitamins for similar immune system and energy-boosting benefits!


Immune Boost IV or Injection

1000ml of fluids infused with vitamin c, vitamin b complex, and zinc to boost your immune system and fight off this season's worst bugs. 
Can be given as an IM injection without the fluids.

Hydrate IV

1000ml of fluids infused with vitamin c, vitamin b complex, and a mineral blend to help rehydrate and recalibrate your system.

NAD+ IV or Injection

the most comprehensive 1000ml infusion available. this infusion is geared at boosting metabolism, energy and overall cell and body functioning. NAD+ has been proven to improve memory, cognitive functioning, sleep quality, and mental health and overall performance. additionally it helps filter toxins from the system. 
NAD+ can be given as an IM injection without the fluids as well.


Lipostat Plus

$55 single Monthly package 1 per week $200Monthly package 2 per week $375
A vitamin blend that is geared towards boosting metabolism, increasing energy, and supporting the system so that you can look and feel your best. Given as à la carte injections or purchased as a package.

À La Carte

Vitamin B12 Injection $35

B12 package of 5 for $100

B12 package of 10 for $175

Glutathione $35

added to an IV or given solo as an injection, glutathione is great for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting skin vitality.

Vitamin Therapy: Services
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